Institute of Computer Technology & Engineering is providing fine infrastructure for students by including all facilities which are required for better training and education in our every branch. The description of our infrastructure is as below:



Total Building Area 4000Sqft
Number of PCs 30
Number of Classrooms 2 (With Strength of 30 Candidates)
Number of Labs 3 (1 Computer Lab, 1 Chip Level Lab And 1 Tablet Lab)
Number of Tablets 25
Number of Library 1
Internet Connection 8 Mbps Broadband
Number of Washrooms 4
Number of Canteen 1

We have our 2 branches in Lucknow and other are located in Hardoi, Sitapur and Kannauj. The above description is individually same for our other branches. Apart from these our campus includes some important areas in its infrastructure such as reception, waiting area, Center Manager Room, Director’s Room, Placement Office, Counselor Room, Account Section and other required area. The infrastructure of ICTe is designed by also keeping in mind the requirement of technology in this growing era and we believe that the enhance quality of technology can also enhance our living by making it brisk and crisp. In this way, computers are the most visible technology which can growingly benefit our lives. Thus, ICTe is using all new software in its training syllabus and playing a very important role in the lives of our scholars, urban & rural area’s people, and BPL Candidates.

Computers are the only technology which opens accesses to an immense essential space alive with wide information on almost all subjects. Therefore, ICTe is equipped with rapid computers along with a rapid Internet link, using the most modern software. We have, taken together, laboratories that approach under the sunshade of our ICTe Computer Center, & these enclose duel core and P4 terminals that are associated using the Windows XP and Windows server platforms. We as ICTe house the subsequent software with all advance operating systems, application software, designing software and advanced language software to provide modern technical knowledge.

The Institute of Computer Technology & Engineering have dedicated endless connectivity at the steady rapidity of 8 Mbps. Students as well as faculty can use the web connection for receiving and sending the E-mails, surfing, downloading and uploading all web-based application which can help to connect with modern technology. Additionally, the Internet makes possible our learners and faculty members to stay in touch among the all latest tendencies in educational and the corporate world. Our Placement section uses the Internet connectivity to create the networking amid potential companies and guest associate lecturers in favor of our scholars. Further, our scholars obtain presentation proficiencies through the steady use of computers. This makes certain that they organize their tasks well and acquire due acknowledgment as professionals. Being an educational portal we are also providing fully Air-conditioned campus with Wi-Fi connectivity for our students.